Setting the Trend

It’s So Basic!

The Old vs. The New

The Old

Not so long ago, a "document" meant a piece of paper with information on it. It might have been hand written, or created on a typewriter, or generated on a computer printer. And once it was created it was destined for the file cabinet.

In the event that this document was needed at another location it was copied and either mailed, or sent via overnight carrier to its destination. When fax machines appeared, it became the fastest way of communicating information across town, or around the world, but the document still had to be printed first.

This is best described as the "print first / distribute second" model. Simply put, we print locally and distribute via the service of our choice.

The New

In today's digital world, the whole notion of what a "document" is has changed dramatically. Most businesses now created documents on computers and store them electronically.

The big shift came with the acceptance of the Internet which literally turned the OLD model up-side-down.

As a result of using digital documents for business transactions, using the Internet to distribute information electronically made doing business easier, faster, and less expensive.

This is best described as the "distribute first / print if necessary " model. In most cases documents are now created, distributed and stored without ever being printed or copied.

As a result of the "distribute first/print if necessary " model, many existing relationships and contracts that have offered value for so long have now been rendered outdated and may actually be slowing or preventing an organization from fully embracing the use of digital documents.


Document Strategy Group is the Key to Accelerate to the Future

  • Take control of your documents, instead of your documents controlling you.
    Start by taking an honest look at all expenses related to your documents. From creation through long term storage DSG will identify the real financial impact of document related expenses.
  • Develop a Strategy
    Digital documents are the basis of future business transactions and communications. If your goal is to improve your business through increased efficiency then it is imperative that we gain an understanding of the fundamental role that documents play in daily business activities.
  • Make simple changes that deliver big rewards
    DSG will identify surprisingly simple changes that offer huge rewards. Our unique financial program will leverage existing assets, offer leading edge products and services, and enable each end-user to embrace the use of digital documents.
  • Eliminate outdated processes that prevent progress and slow the pace of daily business activities.
    DSG will identify internal policies and procedures that must be updated to align your document related expenses with high profile, strategic goals and initiatives.