Overview/Current Trends

Current Situation:

Think about your own company and consider:

1) The amount of people you hire and the amount of time they spend to communicate information or manipulate paper.

2) That your documents force you to spend huge sums of money on hardware, software, and maintenance services.

3) That document related expenses may be thelargest misunderstood budget in your company.

The Truth is: YOU, YOUR JOB, YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS!, is controlled and manipulated by the power of your documents. They affect every employee, in every department, regardless of title. How a business provides for the needs of its documents can be viewed as a window that shows how well the business is being managed, and therefore how competitive it will be in today's fast-paced business environment.


Most companies believe that they are successful at meeting the needs of their documents, and that they do so at the best possible price. But when they make an honest effort towards measuring the real costs associated with both digital and paper documents, it is often surprising to find out that they cost much more than was expected. It gets even more serious when it is revealed that long standing policies, purchasing procedures, existing contracts, and departmental division of responsibilities are now holding your company back, and costing you more.



10 Reasons To Think "Document":

  • #1: Documents represent the foundation of all business revenue.
  • #2: Documents prompt people into action.
  • #3: Documents are your most important corporate asset.
  • #4: Document strategies enable your business to gain an advantage over your competition.
  • #5: Documents allow a business to identity strengths and weaknesses in daily business activities.
  • #6: Documents enable businesses to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • #7: Documents are second ventures for all businesses.
  • #8: Digital Documents are the fabric of business transactions in the Information Age.
  • #9: Documents prompt, document, and record the activities of company personnel.
  • #10: Documents represent the beginning and end of all business activities.

The biggest change of all has taken place with the “document” itself.

Here is why the document has changed.